How to Choose the Right 4 Bedroom House Plans for Your Family

One luxury of building house plans over prebuilt houses is the ability to fit your future home to your needs. Every family is unique, and house plans need to be just as unique to match their energy. With house plans, everything can be on your terms. But how do you decide what to include on your home plan checklist with endless options and possibilities? Learn how to choose the right 4 bedroom house plans for your family with Madden Home Designs

How to Choose the Right 4 Bedroom House Plans for Your Family
Enjoy an elegant, modern design with The St. Andrews, a 4 bedroom cape dutch style house plan boasting 3690 square feet of liveable space.

Define Your Dream Details 

Without an idea of what you like, looking out at a sea of 4 bedroom house plans can feel overwhelming and overstimulating. It’s important to allow yourself to dream about your ideal home. Let your mind wander until an idea of your perfect home forms. If you need inspiration, explore websites like Pinterest to discover styles and ideas that stick out to you. If the virtual world isn’t cutting it, there is nothing wrong with attending house showings to inspire what you like and don’t. 

Your checklist will form around your goals as you uncover important factors like your preferred style. Madden Home Design has plenty of 4 bedroom house plans inspired by beautiful styles like farmhouse, French country, Acadian, modern and Louisiana. The more you understand your preferences, the easier it is to decide on 4 bedroom house plans.

Narrow Down the Options by Establishing a Budget and Expectations 

Once you establish your budget, you can start labeling items in your dream home based on the things you will and won’t sacrifice. It can also be useful to take a firm look at the needs of your family today and theorize their needs in the future. You want a house that can grow with you. Here are a few helpful questions to define your expectations. 

  • What is your current home lacking that you must have in your next? 
  • What stage is your family in? How does this change in the next five to 10 years?
  • Does your family suit a single or multistory home? 
  • What are the important functional spaces (mudrooms, pantries, storage, etc)?
  • What features are you looking for (playrooms, guest rooms, hobby rooms, office space, etc)? 

Consider Your Lifestyle

Your future home must keep up with the needs of your lifestyle with ease. For example, a family who entertains a lot would benefit from 4 bedroom house plans with open concepts or entertainment rooms. The Dogwood and The St. Francisville both feature an abundance of hosting space with a game room and home theater. Perhaps the family with a passion for hobbies would adore a home with room for their passion, like The St. Andrews featuring a workshop off the garage. A beautiful outdoor space would encourage a family of nature lovers to enjoy some fresh air. The Summerville brings farmhouse comfort to the outdoors with multiple porches, including a living porch with a wood-burning fireplace and grill station. For boating enthusiasts, The Pontchartrain protects your boat with a boat garage. 

What should the heart of your home be? Maybe it’s a large communal space for quality time, or maybe it’s a welcoming kitchen with room for everyone. Whatever makes your family special, we are confident one of our 4 bedroom house plans can help your family shine. 

Find the House Plan You’ll Love With Madden Home Design 

If you are looking for 4 bedroom house plans, Madden Home Design has an amazing collection of homes in a variety of sizes and styles. If you would like to customize or see additional plans not listed on the website, we are just a phone call away. Please call 225-791-2912 or contact us online. You deserve to find the perfect fit with our 4 bedroom house plans. 

How Farmhouse Plans Complement Modern House Design

Modern house design is a contemporary home style with roots in mid-century architecture. With clean geometry, minimal exterior design elements, open floor interior concepts, and plenty of natural light, this home design has become a popular style among today’s homeowners. But is it possible to blend warmth and simplicity into this modern design? With modern farmhouse plans from Madden Home Design, you will find the intersection of comfort, functionality, and modern style.

How Farmhouse Plans Complement Modern House Design
The Whiteoak house plan delivers traditional farmhouse elements – including a symmetrical front elevation, dormer windows, and board siding – with a modern, asymmetrical roofline.

What Is Modern House Design?

Modern house plans emerged in the 1950s. These homes were marked by large windows, streamlined exterior design, and spacious interior layouts. Key elements include clean lines, minimal exterior ornamentation, and asymmetrical rooflines. The interior layout design, even with just a few rooms, can feel open and expansive. For those who love sleek design that blends classic and contemporary design elements, this style of home plan may be the perfect option.

What Elements Make Farmhouse Plans Modern?

If you are interested in modern house design, don’t overlook farmhouse house plans! With spacious layouts, clean exteriors, and smooth architectural lines, modern farmhouse plans can be a perfect blend of modern house design and comforting elements. But what is it about modern farmhouse designs that sets them apart from their traditional counterparts?

On the outside, modern farmhouses stand out with large front windows that allow for plenty of natural light to enter. Typically, these homes utilize a neutral color palette with white siding and dark shutters, sometimes offset with brick at the home’s foundation. A gray or black shingled roof can also offer nice contrast, or a metal roof can lean into a more traditional appearance. Dormers for the attic are classic farmhouse elements that complement modern farmhouse design. Welcoming front porches wrap around the home and are accented by tall columns or wooden beams. 

Within the home, residents can enjoy open floor plans, large kitchen spaces with walk-in pantries, a large living room, and a mudroom. Warm, spacious layouts and neutral color schemes are staples of modern and traditional farmhouse design. Browse our three-bedroom farmhouse plans or choose four-bedroom farmhouse plans for additional space.

Consider these examples of modern house design mixed with farmhouse style from Madden Home Design.

  • With four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and large square footage, The Caymus is a luxurious modern farmhouse plan.
  • With a clean-lined exterior design and classic farmhouse elements, The Sage farmhouse plan is perfect for those looking for a three-bedroom layout.
  • For a design that accentuates asymmetrical rooflines of modern house plans with the charm of farmhouse design, choose The Whiteoak farmhouse plan.

Find Modern House Design Plans at Madden Home Design

If you are searching for a modern house plan with the welcoming aspects of farmhouse design, our designers at Madden Home Design can help to find the perfect floor plan for you. Browse our home plans online or give us a call at 225-291-2912 to speak with a member of our team. We also welcome emails through our website for more questions and customizations. We look forward to helping you discover a floor plan that meets all your design needs or customize your plan to be uniquely yours.

The Top 3 Popular Southern Style House Plans

Southern-style house plans have perfected the balance between climate-appropriate features while maintaining the timeless style blanketing the Southern states in elegant homes. While Southern-style house plans evoke thoughts of relaxation inside breezy, sunlit layouts, there isn’t one type of architectural style dominating the South. In fact, there are many popular styles that share similar elements while maintaining their uniqueness through key differentiating features. If you are considering Southern-style house plans, here are the most popular house plans for Southern homes from Madden Home Design

For those looking for clean-lined design with southern flair, choose The Saltgrass house plan for an elegant, effortless appearance.

1. Southern Style Farmhouse House Plans 

Out of all the Southern style house plans, farmhouse plans are an extremely beloved style for Southern homes. These classic house plans effortlessly nurture a cozy, communal retreat away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Farmhouse plans traditionally feature designs like large porches, exterior vertical siding, and open kitchens for gatherings. 

Families and social gatherings thrive in these open-concept layouts and help you create lasting memories for years to come. Madden Home Design’s most popular farmhouse-style home plan is The Black Creek. This two-story plan features four bedrooms, front and back porches, and a cozy fireplace to gather around in the colder months. The aesthetic of the home stays true to the farmhouse-style tradition with vertical sliding and a classic gabled dormer. 

2. French Country House Plans

What says designer house like The French Quarter? Find out more!

Inspired by the beautiful cottages and chateaus adorning the French countryside, French Country house plans bring a classy yet rustic warmth to Southern-style house plans. Typically, these designs feature stonework, natural tones, curved arches, and soft lines. Much like the effortless elegance of French design, French country house plans inspire homeowners to live a picturesque and natural lifestyle. 

With the sharp angles and coldness of the modern industrial city style, many adore returning to a softness inspired by the past after a long day. The French Quarter house plan is the most popular of the French country house plans available from Madden Home Design. The moment your eyes spot the carefree and welcoming style, you can be transported away from the stressors of life to the relaxing French countryside. This house design features four bedrooms, an outdoor kitchen, and beautiful raised hip roofs. 

3. Louisiana Style House Plans 

In order to cope with the thick humidity of the Louisiana climate, Louisiana house plans were designed with inspiration from Greek revival and French colonial styles. Because of the grand, airy features, the Louisiana style can be seen beyond its namesake and throughout the South. Typically, the style features light tones, large windows, and glamorous columns. 

If you are interested in Louisiana-style house plans, The Royal Oaks house plan may be perfect for you as it encapsulates the traditional style while incorporating modern amenities. For example, it provides street-side appeal with six square columns, two decorative dormers, and New Orleans style accents. Besides the classic style of this house plan, homeowners enjoy the modern amenity of an outdoor pool and outdoor entertainment area. 

Interested in Southern House Plans? 

Madden Home Design has a robust catalog of Southern-style house plans with something for every homeowner to love. Explore the designs on our website to find the best fit for your needs. Madden Home Design would be more than happy to work with you to customize one of our designs in order to tailor it to your lifestyle. In fact, we have our full catalog of designs in our office to view. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 225-791-2912 or message us online. Make your dream home a reality!

Discover 3 Bedroom Farmhouse Plans With Madden Home Design

There are endless features to love about farmhouse design. From gabled roofs to carriage-style garage doors and vaulted ceilings, this style incorporates design elements that are both inviting and elegant. Are you searching for the right 3 bedroom house plans for you that feature farmhouse style? Madden Home Design is your leader in beautiful home plans, including modern and traditional farmhouse designs. Let’s take a look at a few different styles of our popular 3 bedroom farmhouse plans for inspiration.

Discover 3 Bedroom Farmhouse Plans | Madden Home Design
The Little Creek house plan offers a spacious 3 bedroom layout and decorative exterior details that expertly blend traditional farmhouse and cottage home design.

The Cottageville

The Cottageville is our first recommendation from our library of 3 bedroom farmhouse plans. This house plan incorporates multiple siding materials for an eclectic and eye-catching example of the New American farmhouse style. This home combines brick, board and batten, and wooden columns for a warm and welcoming appearance. Enter tall French doors located on the front wraparound porch into the high-ceilinged living room. 

To the left of the floor plan are the second and third bedrooms for family and guests, connected by a Jack-and-Jill bath. To the right past the kitchen, dining area, and mud room, you will find the master bedroom and bathroom as well as the laundry room. Inside, you will find 2,290 square feet of livable area. This plan also offers additional enjoyable features including a two-car garage, rear and extended porches, and an outdoor kitchen. 

The Myrtle Beach

Bring the atmosphere of Myrtle Beach to your home no matter which state you live in. The Myrtle Beach house plan is grounded by a brick skirt foundation. This board and batten house features three dormers on a gabled roofline, welcoming family and guests with the traditional warmth of farmhouse design. For those searching for 3 bedroom farmhouse plans with extensive livable space, you can enjoy The Myrtle Beach plan offers 2,216 interior square feet of main living area, as well as a two-car garage located on the rear right-hand side of the property. And for those who enjoy spending time outdoors, this house plan is complete with a rear porch and extended porch for relaxing and sipping a glass of wine, watching family or pets play in the yard, or preparing dinner using the outdoor kitchen.

The Little Creek

If you are interested in 3 bedroom farmhouse plans with additional elegant details, consider The Little Creek house plan! With tall pitched roofs, arched front windows, and a modest front porch, this farmhouse plan incorporates cottage elements into the beloved comfort of farmhouse design. Enjoy a two-car garage with carriage-style doors as well as 1,794 square feet of livable space. 

Inside, you will find a large living room for spending time with family and friends. The master bedroom and bath are located to the rear left while the second and third bedrooms can be found to the right of the property. And around the back, you will find a rear porch that is perfect for enjoying a cool evening or cooking in an optional outdoor kitchen. 

The Summerville

For an honorable mention, we’re including one 4 bedroom house plan for a two-story example of exquisite farmhouse design. The Summerville farmhouse plan blends traditional farmhouse comfort with modern elegance. A wraparound front porch is accented by white columns supporting a tin roof. Tall front doors and several windows on the first and second floors allow an abundance of natural light to illuminate your home. This house plan has a large total of 6,980 square feet and a liveable total of 4,103 square feet.

The Summerville farmhouse plan has four large bedrooms, but feel free to use one of these spaces as a home office or library. In addition to these rooms, you will find a spacious foyer and dining room area, a three-car garage, a grilling porch, a master porch, and a pool, just to name a few special features of the design. If you are searching for quintessential farmhouse architecture with plenty of room, this house plan is perfect for you.

Find 3 Bedroom Farmhouse Plans at Madden Home Design

If you have your heart set on 3 bedroom farmhouse plans, Madden Home Design can help you discover the house plan of your dreams. We have a wide range of farmhouse plans as well as a library of other popular architecture styles, including Modern, Acadian, and French Country

Browse our top-selling plans or reach out to us by phone or message to discuss your interests with our design experts. Give us a call at 225-791-2912 or send us any questions through our online form. We’ll get in touch with you shortly to learn more about which farmhouse plans you are most interested in and how we can help you find the perfect house plan for you!

Why Traditional Farmhouse Home Plans Are So Popular

As with any traditional architecture design, traditional farmhouse home plans inspire feelings of nostalgia through their seemingly effortless style. Traditional farmhouse home plans have always held their place in terms of popularity. But recent years have seen that popularity soar to new heights. And it is easy to see exactly why these home plans appeal to so many people and why they may have sparked your interest in your own home plans. If you are trying to decide if traditional farmhouse home plans are right for you, Madden Home Designs would love to help. 

Why Traditional Farmhouse Home Plans Are So Popular
The Windsor Creek farmhouse plan provides a perfect blend of modern and traditional farmhouse design, including beloved gabled roofs, front pillars, and board and batten siding.

Where Does the Traditional Style Originate?

Historically, farmhouses were single-floor rectangular homes made from local materials, as the ability to afford designers was not possible for the everyday homeowner. However, as professional builders and architects became more commonly used, the features of these homes grew and evolved. Some of the key characteristics we see today in traditional farmhouse home plans are porches, exterior vertical siding, large windows, clean lines, and a rear kitchen. 

Throughout the exterior and interior of the home, rustic farmhouse elements inspire thoughts of a simpler time of families gathering together and living off the land. Typically, the materials and design choices create a homey, warm environment. In the hustle and bustle of urban settings, the coziness of traditional farmhouse home plans can become a beloved sanctuary. 

Traditional vs Modern Farmhouse Home Plans

With the cozy farmhouse aesthetic, homeowners can pursue two different approaches with their home plans by selecting between modern and traditional styles. Since the styles share inspiration and similar characteristics, many people aren’t fully aware of the differences between them. If you are interested in the farmhouse style but aren’t sure about the key differences, we can help break it down for you. 

One of the most apparent visual differences is the color palettes. Modern farmhouses typically shade themselves in whites, pastels, and off-whites while traditional home plans stick with warm, neutrals. The classic characteristics of the traditional farmhouse style blend into the modern style with a contemporary and sleek approach. 

Madden Home’s Traditional Farmhouse Home Plans 

Madden Home Design is driven by the desire of providing homeowners with their home needs stylishly. Some of the best sellers in today’s market are our portfolio of farmhouse designs. With our ever-growing catalog of home designs and our willingness to personalize designs to suit your needs, we are confident you can find your dream home plan with us, as many have. The home design industry may be filled with companies who refuse to alter plans to cater to individual clients. However, we believe everyone deserves to make their dream home a reality, and our positive testimonials show just how often we achieve this. 

Our traditional farmhouse designs are among our most popular. If you do not see a house plan you like in our farmhouse style online, please schedule a meeting to pursue our entire catalog of traditional farmhouse home plans. Three great examples of our traditional farmhouse home plans are The Windsor Creek, The Bear Creek, and The Whistlewood. The largest of the three is The Whistlewood, which features four bedrooms, a private master bedroom location, and highlights the natural tones of the wood with a darker color palette. These are just some of our great traditional farmhouse home plans. 

Interested in Traditional Farmhouse Designs? Let Us Design Yours! 

We would be honored to help you make your ideal farmhouse home into a reality with our traditional farmhouse home plans. If you have questions or ideas about modifying an existing house plan, call us or check out our FAQ page. Contact us at 225-791-2912 or message us online. Don’t wait to build the home of your dreams.  

What Sets Modern Farmhouse Home Plans Apart?

The design of the modern farmhouse takes the charming features of this classic architectural style and updates it with contemporary, urban flair. With clean, simple structure, an abundance of natural light, and open, airy floor plans, it’s no wonder that the modern farmhouse has become a popular home style nationwide. What are the standout features of the beloved modern farmhouse, and how can you find the right plans that suit your needs? Madden Home Design is here to help.

What Sets Modern Farmhouse Home Plans Apart?
The Black Creek modern farmhouse plan offers elegant symmetry and curb appeal as well as a spacious, inviting interior layout.

What Are the Differences Between Modern and Traditional Farmhouse Home Plans?

Traditional farmhouses often feature semi-enclosed front porches, asymmetrical massing, and clapboard exteriors. Modern farmhouse house plans hold strong to the asymmetry of traditional design but lean into clean lines, modern materials, and neutral colors to add a contemporary edge to the design. There are a few key features that set modern farmhouse design apart from earlier variations of the style.

Modern Farmhouse Home Plans Mix Rustic and Modern Materials

Incorporating different materials into your farmhouse design makes the overall appearance much more contemporary. For the exterior of a modern farmhouse, white wood siding is accented by thinly framed casement windows. Using black wood or metal for your frame and even the addition of black shutters gives a modern shift to an otherwise classic element. You can also incorporate the traditional look of a tin roof into your home design without sacrificing an overall contemporary appearance, as we have in The Indian Trail house plan.

Depending on your interior design choices, you may choose to mix clean white countertops with sleek silver metal accents and warm, reclaimed wood. And, your decor can help to tie in the outdoor elements of your home to your aesthetic choices inside. By mixing these elements, the outcome expertly blends the sophistication of a modern home design while incorporating the warm, welcoming aspects of traditional farmhouse plans

This Design Utilizes a Neutral Color Palette

Modern farmhouse design typically uses neutral colors like white, black, or beige for both interior and exterior paint. This clean color scheme offers a modern color palette that works seamlessly with home decor pieces. With bright neutral paint for the inside and outside of the home, you can maintain a light and airy feel, especially when accented by the abundance of natural light from purposefully placed casement windows. 

Modern farmhouses are often solid white and accented with black shutters and roofs and a warm-toned wooden door, as you can see in The Black Creek house plan. Some newer houses may feature a black or gray metal roof for an additional mix of materials and contrasting colors to the white siding. The dark accents balance the home and provide a sophisticated touch that not only transitions the home design from traditional to modern but also amplifies your home’s curb appeal.

The Exterior Features Gable Roofs, a Large Covered Porch, and Carriage Style Doors

A gable roof, also known as an A-shaped roof, is a defining feature of farmhouse design. In modern farmhouse plans, this roofline bridges the gap between classic and contemporary design, as seen in The Stoney Creek house plan. Sweeping front porches accented by white-painted or natural wood beams are also classic features of both traditional and modern farmhouse design. 

A carriage door, or the “swing out” style door that you can find in farmhouse barns, is reengineered for this modern home design. Solid-black wooden doors with the noteworthy “X” shape in the center are fashioned to resemble these barn doors. But instead of swinging out, they open with the traditional mechanics of a garage door. These doors bring a touch of carriage-house-era design to modern farmhouse plans.

Find Modern Farmhouse Plans at Madden Home Designs

These are just a few eye-catching features of modern farmhouse designs that we incorporate into our expertly crafted home plans. If you are searching for the right farmhouse plan for your build, the designers at Madden Home Design would love to help you find the perfect plan! Browse our farmhouse designs online, or give us a call at 225-791-2912 to speak with us about customizations. Or, if you have questions for us over email, please send us a message and a helpful member of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.