Our Frequently Asked Questions
If your question isn’t below, contact us via form or call us at 225-791-2912
  • Can I have an Address Where This Plan Has Been Built?

    For privacy reasons, we cannot give out addresses of clients who have purchased our plans. We sometimes receive photographs once the home is built and will be happy to provide you with a copy if available.

  • Do you have other plans not available on your website?

    Yes, we have plan catalog books that you are welcome to come to our office to review. If you would like to do so, please call our office to verify it’s a good time, and we will let you peruse through our extensive plan library in the office.

  • What do I receive when I purchase a plan package?

    All of our stock plans are drawn to the new Louisiana building code that was enforced after Hurricane Katrina. This building code is the I.R.C. 2015.Our house plans will be sufficient for any permit office in the state of Louisiana unless you are in a high wind area which will require engineering stamp. When you purchase a plan package, you receive the license to build that plan one (1) time. The package includes:

    • 1/4″ scale floor plan which includes window & door schedules. Our floor plans are very detailed.
    • 1/4” scale Electrical layout which includes much detail such as: Recessed lights, fan/lights, switches, outlets, cable tv & telephone locations, exterior flood light locations, weather proof outlets, heat/vent/light locations…etc.
    • 1/4″ scale front and rear and side elevations.
    • 1/4” scale foundation plans which do include floor & ceiling framing member specifications
    • 1/4” scale HVAC/mechanical plan which should be verified by your local HVAC engineer. HVAC plans are shown on the blueprints. HVAC system information regarding location of units, what types of units are used, and the duct layout are schematic only and should discuss with your local builder, mechanical (HVAC) contractor, and plumbing contractor. They should be able to provide you with the necessary information based on what your local building codes will allow.
    • 1/2” scale typical wall sections and all foundation section details.
    • Roof plans are provided with every package. This will show all roof slopes and a roof framing detail.
    • Miscellaneous details as needed per house plan.
    • Kitchen/ bath cabinet elevations are provided.
  • How many sets do I need?

    The number of sets you will need can vary depending on your specific situation. Besides a set for yourself, you will probably need sets for your builder, mortgage lender, local building department, and any subcontractors who need one.

  • Can I return the plans?  

    No. Since it is possible to make illegal blueprint copies of the home plans you received, returns or exchanges are not allowed. You need to make sure of your order before placing it. Also, blueprints are prepared upon receipt of your order; therefore, all sales are final.

  • Do your plans carry an architect or engineer’s stamp?  

    Our plans do not carry an architect or engineer stamp. Some states require that the house plans be reviewed and stamped by a licensed architect or engineer prior to construction. This is due to concerns over structural design integrity, safety, energy cost, and other factors. It is strongly recommended that you consult your local building officials to see if a home plan review is required in your city or state.

  • Can I make changes to your plans?  

    Yes. Please call about setting up an appointment for customizing our plans.  We don’t send out quotes for plan changes via email unless they are very minor.

  • Can I mirror your plans?  

    Yes. Charges for mirroring plans are $200.00 All text will be legible, the text is not reversed.

  • Can I request extra sets of my plans after the original purchase?  

     If you see that you need additional sets of blueprints after your original purchase, you can purchase these sets for a small charge within 30 days of your original purchase. Any sets ordered after the 30-day period will be sold at full plan package pricing.