What Farmhouse Style Plans Can Offer for Modern Families

Modern farmhouse style plans take classic elements of traditional design and elevate them with contemporary appeal. With minimalistic factors like tall windows and high-contrast color palettes, these house plans deliver a striking exterior. Madden Home Design offers a variety of farmhouse floor plans that incorporate modern and classic features. But what is the major draw of modern farmhouse plans, and what design elements make them so popular? Learn why these farmhouse plans are so appealing to modern families.

What Farmhouse Style Plans Can Offer for Modern Families
Searching for farmhouse style plans that blend traditional elements, modern elegance, and comforting interior craftsmanship? The Darlington may be the perfect plan for you.

Let’s Define the Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse design, also referred to as “folk” design, originated in the 1700s with colonial architecture. The term “farmhouse” speaks less to the home’s appearance than it does to its function. This type of architecture was crafted to be practical with an outdoor porch to leave dirty shoes and both formal and informal interior spaces. And as the name would suggest, these homes were most often built in areas where farming was a significant industry and lifestyle.

Traditional farmhouse plans have two stories, a gabled roofline, wraparound porches, and an open floor plan. These homes often feature white board and batten siding with tin roofs. While traditional farmhouse design still offers charm to contemporary families, how has this design evolved to make this architecture more modern?

Modern farmhouse design is defined by clean lines and symmetry. Most often, modern homes feature one or two colors in the exterior design for added minimalism. Rather than the classic tin roof, modern farmhouse style plans shift to a high contrast option—a black slate roof. 

These black roofs stand out against the clean white brick or board siding of the home for eye-catching curb appeal. Tall, double-hung windows with black casement illuminate the home with abundant natural light. And, modern farmhouses keep the quintessential gabled roofline while keeping it symmetrical or balanced with the overall design.

For those who want to stray away from the simple black and white of modern farmhouse design, The Rock Creek farmhouse style plan is a prime example of a modern take on this traditional architectural style.

Why Do Families Love Modern Farmhouse Style Plans?

Families gravitate towards modern farmhouse style plans for their expert blend of sleek design and warm styling. While these farmhouses are contemporary and elegant on the outside and inside, they also incorporate high ceilings, open floor plans, and easy navigation for ultimate comfort. No amount of livability is sacrificed for aesthetic appeal. 

Families and friends can comfortably gather in spacious, breathable living rooms and kitchens. Or they can spend time sitting on the ample front and back porches, perfect for a swing or patio furniture set. And with plenty of space in the backyard, children and pets can have a wide expanse to play.

The Darlington

The Darlington is one of the newer farmhouse style plans available from Madden Home Design. However, its recent introduction has not slowed its climb to being one of our top sellers in the country. This home plan radiates charm, comfort, and warmth with a wraparound porch, open-concept kitchen, and traditional farmhouse elements including the barn door entry to the home office. 

The Darlington features a welcoming living room with vaulted ceilings and a fireplace, perfect for hosting gatherings. The sizeable rear porch offers a comfortable space for entertaining, as well. And while this floor plan is welcoming for guests and family members alike, this doesn’t sacrifice peace and quiet. The master bedroom and bathroom are situated away from the living room and other bedrooms for additional privacy and calm. 

The Black Creek

The Black Creek is one of our most popular examples of modern farmhouse style plans. In fact, it is our top-selling floorplan nationwide! The exterior of this floor plan features elegant symmetry and traditional elements with a modern mix of materials and textures. 

The Black Creek offers ample space for living and storage, including a three-car garage, four bedrooms, high ceilings, a gourmet kitchen, and more. For those who are searching for the utmost luxury in the style of a modern farmhouse, they will love the additional features of a pool bath, outdoor fireplace, and spaciously designed living spaces all situated within 2400 square feet of livable space.

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Are you searching for modern farmhouse style plans? Work with the design experts at Madden Home Design to find the right option for you. Browse our collection of farmhouse plans to find exactly what you’re looking for, or talk with our designers about customizations. Reach out at 225-791-2912 or send us a message. The first steps to finding your modern farmhouse are just a call or email away!

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