What Sets Modern Farmhouse Home Plans Apart?

The design of the modern farmhouse takes the charming features of this classic architectural style and updates it with contemporary, urban flair. With clean, simple structure, an abundance of natural light, and open, airy floor plans, it’s no wonder that the modern farmhouse has become a popular home style nationwide. What are the standout features of the beloved modern farmhouse, and how can you find the right plans that suit your needs? Madden Home Design is here to help.

What Sets Modern Farmhouse Home Plans Apart?
The Black Creek modern farmhouse plan offers elegant symmetry and curb appeal as well as a spacious, inviting interior layout.

What Are the Differences Between Modern and Traditional Farmhouse Home Plans?

Traditional farmhouses often feature semi-enclosed front porches, asymmetrical massing, and clapboard exteriors. Modern farmhouse house plans hold strong to the asymmetry of traditional design but lean into clean lines, modern materials, and neutral colors to add a contemporary edge to the design. There are a few key features that set modern farmhouse design apart from earlier variations of the style.

Modern Farmhouse Home Plans Mix Rustic and Modern Materials

Incorporating different materials into your farmhouse design makes the overall appearance much more contemporary. For the exterior of a modern farmhouse, white wood siding is accented by thinly framed casement windows. Using black wood or metal for your frame and even the addition of black shutters gives a modern shift to an otherwise classic element. You can also incorporate the traditional look of a tin roof into your home design without sacrificing an overall contemporary appearance, as we have in The Indian Trail house plan.

Depending on your interior design choices, you may choose to mix clean white countertops with sleek silver metal accents and warm, reclaimed wood. And, your decor can help to tie in the outdoor elements of your home to your aesthetic choices inside. By mixing these elements, the outcome expertly blends the sophistication of a modern home design while incorporating the warm, welcoming aspects of traditional farmhouse plans

This Design Utilizes a Neutral Color Palette

Modern farmhouse design typically uses neutral colors like white, black, or beige for both interior and exterior paint. This clean color scheme offers a modern color palette that works seamlessly with home decor pieces. With bright neutral paint for the inside and outside of the home, you can maintain a light and airy feel, especially when accented by the abundance of natural light from purposefully placed casement windows. 

Modern farmhouses are often solid white and accented with black shutters and roofs and a warm-toned wooden door, as you can see in The Black Creek house plan. Some newer houses may feature a black or gray metal roof for an additional mix of materials and contrasting colors to the white siding. The dark accents balance the home and provide a sophisticated touch that not only transitions the home design from traditional to modern but also amplifies your home’s curb appeal.

The Exterior Features Gable Roofs, a Large Covered Porch, and Carriage Style Doors

A gable roof, also known as an A-shaped roof, is a defining feature of farmhouse design. In modern farmhouse plans, this roofline bridges the gap between classic and contemporary design, as seen in The Stoney Creek house plan. Sweeping front porches accented by white-painted or natural wood beams are also classic features of both traditional and modern farmhouse design. 

A carriage door, or the “swing out” style door that you can find in farmhouse barns, is reengineered for this modern home design. Solid-black wooden doors with the noteworthy “X” shape in the center are fashioned to resemble these barn doors. But instead of swinging out, they open with the traditional mechanics of a garage door. These doors bring a touch of carriage-house-era design to modern farmhouse plans.

Find Modern Farmhouse Plans at Madden Home Designs

These are just a few eye-catching features of modern farmhouse designs that we incorporate into our expertly crafted home plans. If you are searching for the right farmhouse plan for your build, the designers at Madden Home Design would love to help you find the perfect plan! Browse our farmhouse designs online, or give us a call at 225-791-2912 to speak with us about customizations. Or, if you have questions for us over email, please send us a message and a helpful member of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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