Are Acadian Style House Plans Right for Your Future Home?

The history of the architecture of Acadian style homes is as rich and colorful as the Acadians themselves. The mere mention of the style inspires memories of these beautiful homes. Humid, Southern summer days of enjoying the sunshine and warmth come to mind no matter the decade or century you envisioned. It is recognized as the pinnacle of Southern style—and for good reason. The designs thrive in the temperamental Southern climate without sacrificing aesthetics. It should come as no surprise that the style is still popular today. If Acadian style house plans appeal to you, Madden Home Design is here to help you find a choice you’ll love. 

Are you searching for an Acadian house plan with a touch of modern flair? The Atchafalaya floor plan is just one of our beautiful Acadian style house plans to consider.

Acadian Style House Plans: Past to Present 

Originally, French settlers built Acadian style homes in Louisiana with the subtropical climate in mind. We know the timeless style for covered porches, large bay windows with shutters, and steep-sloped gabled roofs. Traditionally, they are one- to one-and-a-half-story homes with a central staircase and a rear kitchen. Often, the layout of Acadian house plans is an open concept. 

Over the past few decades, the style has developed further while catering to modern tastes. But the practical and low-maintenance ideals have remained a fundamental aspect of Acadian home plans. 

Madden Home Design has an enormous selection of Acadian house plans that marry classic Acadian architecture with a touch of modern influences. Since the days of the original Acadian settlers, larger homes with stronger materials have become more accessible to the average homeowner. 

Historically, Acadian homes were made with cypress wood, as moisture or insects did not affect it, and brick or stone masonry. Modern Acadian home plans may have opted for more reliable materials, but the historical roots of the style are still incorporated frequently. 

The Lagniappe

When you want custom floorplans, don't settle for less! Take a look at The Lagniappe.

If you are looking for Acadian style house plans, The Lagniappe is an amazing option honoring the traditional style. The open floor plan centering on the rear-located kitchen is the classic Acadian style. Because of the spaciousness of the open layout and the covered porch, it is perfect for entertaining guests and spending family time together. 

The Jack and Jill style bathroom is perfect for kids to share. The upstairs bonus room could be a man cave, playroom, or guest room. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main house is an oasis in the form of the master suite. It is the perfect private retreat for relaxing after the demands of the day. 

The Lagniappe home plan is available at 4585 square feet of 3117 square living space. With a roof pitch of 12 feet, occupants can enjoy 12-foot ceilings inside. 

The St. Francisville 

When you're searching for the best Acadian homes, take a look at The St. Francisville!

The St. Francisville is one of the modernized Acadian style house plans from Madden Home Design. Homeowners enjoy classic Acadian sun-drenched windows framed by wooden shutters, stone and brick exteriors, and inviting covered porches. The sprawling open layout gives ample space for hosting and modern luxuries. Within the home, residents are effortlessly entertained with the game room, exercise room, outdoor kitchen, and theater. 

The St. Francisville elevates the original practical designs of Acadian home plans for modern comfort with convenient amenities. These conveniences include a mudroom, walk-in pantry, three-car garage, and more. Merging modern comforts with the timeless elegance of Acadian home plans was a priority of Madden Home Design. 

The St. Francisville home plan is available at 5842 square feet of 4078 square living space. With a roof pitch of 12 feet, occupants can enjoy 12-foot ceilings inside. 

Achieve Domestic Bliss With Your Dream Acadian Home Plan

If neither of these two Acadian home plans feels quite right, don’t worry! Madden Home Design has dozens of Acadian style house plans listed on our website worthy of your consideration. In addition to our Acadian styles, we have many popular home plans our testimonials rave about. Please call us if you would like to browse our entire extensive home plan catalog library at our office or customize your plans. You can reach us at 225-791-2912 or send us a message online. While you wait for us to get back to you, feel free to read through our FAQs that may answer some of your questions. The home you fantasize about can become a reality. Let us help you turn your dream home into your forever home.

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