What Sets Farmhouse Design Plans Apart From Other Styles?

There are many options to consider when it comes to which architectural style you should choose for your home. Are you interested in streamlined, modern designs, or do you lean towards more rustic options? With farmhouse design plans, you can find an expert blend of modern and traditional elements. With charming and easily discernible features, it’s no wonder that farmhouse plans are one of the country’s most beloved and popular home styles. Learn what sets this style apart from others and what farmhouse floor plans you can find from Madden Home Design.

What Sets Farmhouse Design Plans Apart From Other Styles? The Cottageville is one of the best Farmhouse designs you'll find. Discover more with Madden.
The Cottageville home plan is a quintessential example of farmhouse design. With gabled rooflines, a welcoming front porch, shutter details, and more, this plan satisfies lovers of modern and classic farmhouse aesthetic.

What Makes Farmhouse Design Plans So Attractive?

Farmhouse plans seamlessly blend elements of simplicity and luxury. On the exterior, farmhouse design incorporates straight lines, contrasting colors, and mixed textures with warm and inviting elements. These include wide front and back porches, tall windows, and gabled rooflines. Within the home, residents and visitors can enjoy high ceilings, open kitchen and living spaces, a mudroom, and comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms set off from social areas. 

While these are beautiful design elements, what makes them so attractive to homeowners? Farmhouse design plans deliver an elegant punch with the high contrast of white siding and black roofs and shutters. Large windows offer abundant natural daylight to illuminate exquisitely designed interior spaces. But while these facets of design impact visitors and passersby, the home does not fail to offer comfort for its residents. Whether you require plenty of room for your family or want ample space to entertain guests, farmhouse design welcomes all with breathable living areas, functional spaces, and classicly beautiful aesthetics.

While exterior farmhouse style is eye-catching and elevates your home’s property value, the interior design of these plans cultivates a magnetic atmosphere that draws people in. Host gatherings with colleagues, celebrate holidays with family, or simply spend a movie night in with a home-cooked meal. These home plans are perfect for making friends and loved ones feel at home with the warmth and coziness of farmhouse design. 

What Farmhouse Floor Plan Is Right for Me?

If you’ve settled on a farmhouse design, it’s time to pick the right floor plan for you! At Madden Home Design, our expert designers have crafted over fifty beautiful farmhouse plans to satisfy lovers of farmhouse style. Do you enjoy a farmhouse with more rustic elements like The Cottageville? Maybe you are searching for the quintessential farmhouse style of The Black Creek or The Darlington. No matter your preferences, you can find a style you love in our library of farmhouse design plans.

If you discover a plan that you love but are interested in making it uniquely your own, feel free to discuss customizations with our designers. From adding an extra bedroom and windows to making interior layout changes, we can work with you to design the perfect plan to meet your needs.

Browse Farmhouse Design Plans From Madden Home Design

Farmhouse design plans are among the most desired architectural styles on the market. If you are interested in finding a farmhouse floor plan for your upcoming build, reach out to the experts at Madden Home Design! Give us a call at 225-791-2912 or message us with questions. We look forward to helping you find the perfect design for your home.

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