What You Should Look for When Shopping House Design Plans

When choosing to build a home, your floor plan is your starting point. Finding or designing the layout of your house can help you picture your home before breaking ground on construction. However, there are several points to consider when determining which plan is best for you. Keep these three factors in mind when browsing house design plans. And with the help of the experts at Madden Home Design, you can find the perfect home plans for your family!

The Abbeville is one of our finest designer floorplans available! - What You Should Look for When Shopping House Design Plans
The Abbeville is a moderately sized Frency Country floor plan that combines rustic features with spacious living and dining areas.

1. Pay Attention to the Total Square Footage

There are several questions to ask when thinking about the square footage of house design plans. How big is your family? Do you have company over regularly? What size do you deem comfortable for your living spaces? When searching for your perfect house plan, it’s very important to pay attention to both the livable and total square footage of the house design plans in consideration. For example, The Daisey farmhouse plan has 1650 square feet of living space, including the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. But with porches, carport, and storage included, this plan offers a total of 2706 square feet. Consider your lifestyle and comfort needs to establish the right range of square footage for your home plan.

2. Ensure the Layout Fits Your Lifestyle Needs

Many of the same questions for total square footage apply when it comes to your lifestyle needs. If you regularly entertain guests and want to have a comfortable, spacious great room area for everyone to gather, make sure this is reflected in the layout. If you enjoy cooking and want plenty of room to move around, make sure the kitchen is laid out to make this simple. Take this into account when reviewing each room in the home, including office spaces, master bedrooms and bathrooms, and guest rooms. And if specific house design plans are close to what you are interested in but don’t quite hit the mark, communicate this to your designer! Important design factors may be able to be incorporated to match your vision.

For those looking for plenty of space for social gatherings, The Monroe house plan is one to consider. Enter through the french doors on the wide front porch and into a grand foyer. Moving forward, family and guests can relax and socialize in the 20’ by 19’ family room, complete with 11’ ceilings and a wood-burning fireplace. This plan also includes a spacious kitchen, plenty of bedrooms, and a wide back porch for enjoying time together outdoors.

3. See If Bonus Rooms Are Available

Browse our bonus room floor plans if you need a little extra space. This extra room could be used as a work-from-home space or a home library. Or, add an extra bedroom for family or company. A bonus room can also serve as additional storage space. By choosing house design plans with an available bonus room, homeowners have the flexibility to expand liveable space and add even more function to their home. Madden Home Design offers Acadian, Louisiana, Modern, and other styles of house floor plans with bonus rooms for you to choose from.

Find a Variety of House Design Plans at Madden Home Design

Madden Home Design specializes in designing home plans in a variety of styles from Acadian to farmhouse and more. As one of the top providers of house plans in the country, we are confident that we can help you find the right plan for your future home. Send us a message or call us at 225-791-2912 to speak with one of our design professionals. We look forward to helping you choose or customize a floor plan for the right blend of comfort, function, and aesthetic!

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