4 Reasons to Choose French Country Design Plans for Your Home

The elegant style of French Country architecture has endured since the 17th century, but is it right for your modern family? There are many reasons why French Country design plans have remained popular to this day. While the style originated in France, you can see this pleasing architecture still dotting the landscape of the United States from Louisiana to Washington. If you are interested in French Country house plans, here are four reasons to choose this style from Madden Home Design

With sweeping, elegant rooflines and elements that call back to rural design, The Crescent design plan offers an American take on the original French style.

1. The Rich History of French Country Design Plans

French Country home designs found their way into popular U.S. culture as the soldiers from WWI returned home inspired by the styles they saw. Both designers and homeowners across the country at the time were drawn to the homes they saw in rural France. These manor homes and chateaus were built in the 1600s and 1700s with style effortlessly balancing French elegance and rustic warmth. The subtle elegance and light tones evoked a feeling of relaxing in a beautiful garden. It is easy to understand why these places of peace were so alluring during the post-war recovery period. 

So, designers of the time paired the best parts of American and French styles, creating an Americanized twist on the style. Since soldiers lived everywhere in the country, the style was a widespread hit and remains popular today.

2. Timeless Style 

So, why exactly were these soldiers so drawn to this style? After returning from their time overseas, many naturally craved a peaceful space where they could regain a sense of security and stability. They dreamed about this not only for themselves but for their growing families. And for WWI veterans seeking a quaint, peaceful place of refuge, the traditional characteristics of French Country designs delivered exactly what they were looking for.

Even today, individuals looking for a cozy, tranquil living space are drawn to the picturesque features. These include stone facades, natural materials, highly pitched roofs, French doors, tall windows, exposed wood beams, and crackling fireplaces. Many feature rounded towers and wrought iron balconies as if they leaped from the pages of a fairytale or Shakespeare play. Madden Home Design exemplifies the romantic balcony characteristic with The St. Charles and The Penbrooke

3. Historical Style Built for Modern Families 

Regardless of how much a homeowner favors historical designs, the need for modern functionality often comes first for families. Fortunately, French Country home designs have no issue meeting the needs of today’s households. Madden Home Design’s selection of French Country house plans can deliver the features modern families expect within a strikingly beautiful aesthetic. 

The Squire Creek is an excellent example of a beautiful French Country home design with features perfect for entertaining guests and daily life. This design utilizes a spacious layout with a bonus room over the garage and a built-in outdoor grill. 

The Cresent is another beautiful example of French Country home design that meets the needs of modern families. You can find everything you need in this house plan, including an office, garage shop, balcony, back porch, spacious laundry room, and more. 

4. Perfect for Entertaining or Relaxation 

As mentioned previously, many French Country designs are purposefully crafted to make hosting guests effortless. There are many reasons this style is excellent for hosting, from the welcoming rustic influence to the spacious layouts. 

However, one of the most influential factors is the style’s ability to transition to your needs effortlessly. Balancing elegance and quaintness, it can be dressed up for special occasions while also providing coziness and comfort to help you unwind. Therefore, French Country design plans can effortlessly match the various needs of a modern family. 

Want to Experience the French Country Experience?

In addition to its distinctive style, the subtle elegance of a French Country home makes it a perfect choice for families today. Please browse our selection online if you want to find the ideal French Country design plans. If you do not see what you are looking for online, our archive located at our office may have the perfect design for you. For any questions, please call 225-791-2912 or send us a message online. We hope to hear from you soon!

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