Why Are So Many People Choosing Farmhouse House Plans?

What makes modern and traditional farmhouse house plans so appealing? Is it their beautifully minimalistic yet warm exterior design? Is it the inner rooms filled with natural light? Or is it the large, high-ceilinged rooms that make guests and family feel right at home? These are all correct. Farmhouse design incorporates classic, down-home elements with high-end accents to seamlessly mesh comfort and luxury. Here are a few reasons why so many homeowners are choosing farmhouse house plans and why you should consider them, too.

Why Are So Many People Choosing Farmhouse House Plans? Don't settle for any Farmhouse style home for sale. Get the most with Madden Home Design.
Are you interested in a farmhouse floor plan that expertly blends modern and traditional architectural styles? The Farmhouse house plan is just what you need.

Farmhouse Design Has Fabulous Curb Appeal

Do you want your home to stand out aesthetically in your neighborhood, or do you want to add value for the possibility of future sales? Farmhouse plans deliver both beauty and curb appeal. Modern farmhouse design satisfies both lovers of minimalistic, streamlined design and those who love the welcoming, rustic charm of traditional farmhouses. Whether you lean toward a slate roof or a tin roof, the quintessential white vertical siding, gabled roofline, and beckoning front porch expertly blends modern and traditional elements. 

Not only do these features create an attractive sight for your neighbors and visitors. They can also benefit you if you decide to place your house on the market. Farmhouse house plans are popular among homeowners. In fact, according to Zillow, homes with modern farmhouse design elements often draw the biggest price premiums and faster sales. So if the time comes for you to search for a different home, your choice of house plan could make closing your home sale much easier.

Farmhouse House Plans Have Layouts That Are Inviting and Functional

Farmhouse house plans are purposefully designed for comfortable delineations between areas of comfort and areas of socialization. Bedrooms and bathrooms are most often situated on both sides of the home and separated by a great room, dining room, and kitchen area. This central area provides breathable, spacious meeting areas for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with loved ones. Kitchens are also designed for easy movement without losing the ability to commune together while cooking. 

In addition to these spaces, farmhouse plans include a mudroom near the back of the home and laundry room. This space offers an area to remove dirty shoes, leave school bags, and place umbrellas rather than tracking dirt and clutter into your home. At Madden Home Design, our farmhouse floor plans also feature a two-car garage and comfortable back porch area for entertaining, playing, or grilling outdoors.

Farmhouses Offer Comfort and Charm Wherever You Live

Farmhouse-style homes aren’t only found in rural areas. Whether you live near pastures and farmland or in a bustling city, farmhouse house plans provide the same rustic charm no matter your region. Farmhouse design is an eye-catching home style with distinct elements. White exteriors are contrasted with warm wood pillars, metal or slate roofing, dark shutters, and plenty of windows for abundant natural light. These features are warm, welcoming, and cozy, making this design style a favorite for North American homeowners. 

While the term “farmhouse” may evoke images of the rustic elements these homes certainly possess, these house plans are not without luxury. Expansive front and back porches, tall ceilings, and floor plans designed with gathering in mind make these homes as elegant as they are inviting. No matter if you live in the North or the South, Madden Home Designs delivers top-quality farmhouse floor plans countrywide.

Discover the Right Farmhouse House Plans for You!

There’s no question as to why farmhouse house plans are widely loved. These homes lace together elegance, comfort, and modern design elements for the perfect contemporary take on a classic home style. If you are searching for farmhouse plans, let Madden Home Design help you find the right one for you in our library of luxurious floor plans. We can even work with you to customize our floor plans to fit your vision exactly. Get started by giving us a call at 225-791-2912 or sending us a message.

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