Why Traditional Farmhouse Home Plans Are So Popular

As with any traditional architecture design, traditional farmhouse home plans inspire feelings of nostalgia through their seemingly effortless style. Traditional farmhouse home plans have always held their place in terms of popularity. But recent years have seen that popularity soar to new heights. And it is easy to see exactly why these home plans appeal to so many people and why they may have sparked your interest in your own home plans. If you are trying to decide if traditional farmhouse home plans are right for you, Madden Home Designs would love to help. 

Why Traditional Farmhouse Home Plans Are So Popular
The Windsor Creek farmhouse plan provides a perfect blend of modern and traditional farmhouse design, including beloved gabled roofs, front pillars, and board and batten siding.

Where Does the Traditional Style Originate?

Historically, farmhouses were single-floor rectangular homes made from local materials, as the ability to afford designers was not possible for the everyday homeowner. However, as professional builders and architects became more commonly used, the features of these homes grew and evolved. Some of the key characteristics we see today in traditional farmhouse home plans are porches, exterior vertical siding, large windows, clean lines, and a rear kitchen. 

Throughout the exterior and interior of the home, rustic farmhouse elements inspire thoughts of a simpler time of families gathering together and living off the land. Typically, the materials and design choices create a homey, warm environment. In the hustle and bustle of urban settings, the coziness of traditional farmhouse home plans can become a beloved sanctuary. 

Traditional vs Modern Farmhouse Home Plans

With the cozy farmhouse aesthetic, homeowners can pursue two different approaches with their home plans by selecting between modern and traditional styles. Since the styles share inspiration and similar characteristics, many people aren’t fully aware of the differences between them. If you are interested in the farmhouse style but aren’t sure about the key differences, we can help break it down for you. 

One of the most apparent visual differences is the color palettes. Modern farmhouses typically shade themselves in whites, pastels, and off-whites while traditional home plans stick with warm, neutrals. The classic characteristics of the traditional farmhouse style blend into the modern style with a contemporary and sleek approach. 

Madden Home’s Traditional Farmhouse Home Plans 

Madden Home Design is driven by the desire of providing homeowners with their home needs stylishly. Some of the best sellers in today’s market are our portfolio of farmhouse designs. With our ever-growing catalog of home designs and our willingness to personalize designs to suit your needs, we are confident you can find your dream home plan with us, as many have. The home design industry may be filled with companies who refuse to alter plans to cater to individual clients. However, we believe everyone deserves to make their dream home a reality, and our positive testimonials show just how often we achieve this. 

Our traditional farmhouse designs are among our most popular. If you do not see a house plan you like in our farmhouse style online, please schedule a meeting to pursue our entire catalog of traditional farmhouse home plans. Three great examples of our traditional farmhouse home plans are The Windsor Creek, The Bear Creek, and The Whistlewood. The largest of the three is The Whistlewood, which features four bedrooms, a private master bedroom location, and highlights the natural tones of the wood with a darker color palette. These are just some of our great traditional farmhouse home plans. 

Interested in Traditional Farmhouse Designs? Let Us Design Yours! 

We would be honored to help you make your ideal farmhouse home into a reality with our traditional farmhouse home plans. If you have questions or ideas about modifying an existing house plan, call us or check out our FAQ page. Contact us at 225-791-2912 or message us online. Don’t wait to build the home of your dreams.  

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