The Top 3 Popular Southern Style House Plans

Southern-style house plans have perfected the balance between climate-appropriate features while maintaining the timeless style blanketing the Southern states in elegant homes. While Southern-style house plans evoke thoughts of relaxation inside breezy, sunlit layouts, there isn’t one type of architectural style dominating the South. In fact, there are many popular styles that share similar elements while maintaining their uniqueness through key differentiating features. If you are considering Southern-style house plans, here are the most popular house plans for Southern homes from Madden Home Design

For those looking for clean-lined design with southern flair, choose The Saltgrass house plan for an elegant, effortless appearance.

1. Southern Style Farmhouse House Plans 

Out of all the Southern style house plans, farmhouse plans are an extremely beloved style for Southern homes. These classic house plans effortlessly nurture a cozy, communal retreat away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Farmhouse plans traditionally feature designs like large porches, exterior vertical siding, and open kitchens for gatherings. 

Families and social gatherings thrive in these open-concept layouts and help you create lasting memories for years to come. Madden Home Design’s most popular farmhouse-style home plan is The Black Creek. This two-story plan features four bedrooms, front and back porches, and a cozy fireplace to gather around in the colder months. The aesthetic of the home stays true to the farmhouse-style tradition with vertical sliding and a classic gabled dormer. 

2. French Country House Plans

What says designer house like The French Quarter? Find out more!

Inspired by the beautiful cottages and chateaus adorning the French countryside, French Country house plans bring a classy yet rustic warmth to Southern-style house plans. Typically, these designs feature stonework, natural tones, curved arches, and soft lines. Much like the effortless elegance of French design, French country house plans inspire homeowners to live a picturesque and natural lifestyle. 

With the sharp angles and coldness of the modern industrial city style, many adore returning to a softness inspired by the past after a long day. The French Quarter house plan is the most popular of the French country house plans available from Madden Home Design. The moment your eyes spot the carefree and welcoming style, you can be transported away from the stressors of life to the relaxing French countryside. This house design features four bedrooms, an outdoor kitchen, and beautiful raised hip roofs. 

3. Louisiana Style House Plans 

In order to cope with the thick humidity of the Louisiana climate, Louisiana house plans were designed with inspiration from Greek revival and French colonial styles. Because of the grand, airy features, the Louisiana style can be seen beyond its namesake and throughout the South. Typically, the style features light tones, large windows, and glamorous columns. 

If you are interested in Louisiana-style house plans, The Royal Oaks house plan may be perfect for you as it encapsulates the traditional style while incorporating modern amenities. For example, it provides street-side appeal with six square columns, two decorative dormers, and New Orleans style accents. Besides the classic style of this house plan, homeowners enjoy the modern amenity of an outdoor pool and outdoor entertainment area. 

Interested in Southern House Plans? 

Madden Home Design has a robust catalog of Southern-style house plans with something for every homeowner to love. Explore the designs on our website to find the best fit for your needs. Madden Home Design would be more than happy to work with you to customize one of our designs in order to tailor it to your lifestyle. In fact, we have our full catalog of designs in our office to view. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 225-791-2912 or message us online. Make your dream home a reality!

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