How Farmhouse Plans Complement Modern House Design

Modern house design is a contemporary home style with roots in mid-century architecture. With clean geometry, minimal exterior design elements, open floor interior concepts, and plenty of natural light, this home design has become a popular style among today’s homeowners. But is it possible to blend warmth and simplicity into this modern design? With modern farmhouse plans from Madden Home Design, you will find the intersection of comfort, functionality, and modern style.

How Farmhouse Plans Complement Modern House Design
The Whiteoak house plan delivers traditional farmhouse elements – including a symmetrical front elevation, dormer windows, and board siding – with a modern, asymmetrical roofline.

What Is Modern House Design?

Modern house plans emerged in the 1950s. These homes were marked by large windows, streamlined exterior design, and spacious interior layouts. Key elements include clean lines, minimal exterior ornamentation, and asymmetrical rooflines. The interior layout design, even with just a few rooms, can feel open and expansive. For those who love sleek design that blends classic and contemporary design elements, this style of home plan may be the perfect option.

What Elements Make Farmhouse Plans Modern?

If you are interested in modern house design, don’t overlook farmhouse house plans! With spacious layouts, clean exteriors, and smooth architectural lines, modern farmhouse plans can be a perfect blend of modern house design and comforting elements. But what is it about modern farmhouse designs that sets them apart from their traditional counterparts?

On the outside, modern farmhouses stand out with large front windows that allow for plenty of natural light to enter. Typically, these homes utilize a neutral color palette with white siding and dark shutters, sometimes offset with brick at the home’s foundation. A gray or black shingled roof can also offer nice contrast, or a metal roof can lean into a more traditional appearance. Dormers for the attic are classic farmhouse elements that complement modern farmhouse design. Welcoming front porches wrap around the home and are accented by tall columns or wooden beams. 

Within the home, residents can enjoy open floor plans, large kitchen spaces with walk-in pantries, a large living room, and a mudroom. Warm, spacious layouts and neutral color schemes are staples of modern and traditional farmhouse design. Browse our three-bedroom farmhouse plans or choose four-bedroom farmhouse plans for additional space.

Consider these examples of modern house design mixed with farmhouse style from Madden Home Design.

  • With four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and large square footage, The Caymus is a luxurious modern farmhouse plan.
  • With a clean-lined exterior design and classic farmhouse elements, The Sage farmhouse plan is perfect for those looking for a three-bedroom layout.
  • For a design that accentuates asymmetrical rooflines of modern house plans with the charm of farmhouse design, choose The Whiteoak farmhouse plan.

Find Modern House Design Plans at Madden Home Design

If you are searching for a modern house plan with the welcoming aspects of farmhouse design, our designers at Madden Home Design can help to find the perfect floor plan for you. Browse our home plans online or give us a call at 225-291-2912 to speak with a member of our team. We also welcome emails through our website for more questions and customizations. We look forward to helping you discover a floor plan that meets all your design needs or customize your plan to be uniquely yours.

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