How to Choose the Right 4 Bedroom House Plans for Your Family

One luxury of building house plans over prebuilt houses is the ability to fit your future home to your needs. Every family is unique, and house plans need to be just as unique to match their energy. With house plans, everything can be on your terms. But how do you decide what to include on your home plan checklist with endless options and possibilities? Learn how to choose the right 4 bedroom house plans for your family with Madden Home Designs

How to Choose the Right 4 Bedroom House Plans for Your Family
Enjoy an elegant, modern design with The St. Andrews, a 4 bedroom cape dutch style house plan boasting 3690 square feet of liveable space.

Define Your Dream Details 

Without an idea of what you like, looking out at a sea of 4 bedroom house plans can feel overwhelming and overstimulating. It’s important to allow yourself to dream about your ideal home. Let your mind wander until an idea of your perfect home forms. If you need inspiration, explore websites like Pinterest to discover styles and ideas that stick out to you. If the virtual world isn’t cutting it, there is nothing wrong with attending house showings to inspire what you like and don’t. 

Your checklist will form around your goals as you uncover important factors like your preferred style. Madden Home Design has plenty of 4 bedroom house plans inspired by beautiful styles like farmhouse, French country, Acadian, modern and Louisiana. The more you understand your preferences, the easier it is to decide on 4 bedroom house plans.

Narrow Down the Options by Establishing a Budget and Expectations 

Once you establish your budget, you can start labeling items in your dream home based on the things you will and won’t sacrifice. It can also be useful to take a firm look at the needs of your family today and theorize their needs in the future. You want a house that can grow with you. Here are a few helpful questions to define your expectations. 

  • What is your current home lacking that you must have in your next? 
  • What stage is your family in? How does this change in the next five to 10 years?
  • Does your family suit a single or multistory home? 
  • What are the important functional spaces (mudrooms, pantries, storage, etc)?
  • What features are you looking for (playrooms, guest rooms, hobby rooms, office space, etc)? 

Consider Your Lifestyle

Your future home must keep up with the needs of your lifestyle with ease. For example, a family who entertains a lot would benefit from 4 bedroom house plans with open concepts or entertainment rooms. The Dogwood and The St. Francisville both feature an abundance of hosting space with a game room and home theater. Perhaps the family with a passion for hobbies would adore a home with room for their passion, like The St. Andrews featuring a workshop off the garage. A beautiful outdoor space would encourage a family of nature lovers to enjoy some fresh air. The Summerville brings farmhouse comfort to the outdoors with multiple porches, including a living porch with a wood-burning fireplace and grill station. For boating enthusiasts, The Pontchartrain protects your boat with a boat garage. 

What should the heart of your home be? Maybe it’s a large communal space for quality time, or maybe it’s a welcoming kitchen with room for everyone. Whatever makes your family special, we are confident one of our 4 bedroom house plans can help your family shine. 

Find the House Plan You’ll Love With Madden Home Design 

If you are looking for 4 bedroom house plans, Madden Home Design has an amazing collection of homes in a variety of sizes and styles. If you would like to customize or see additional plans not listed on the website, we are just a phone call away. Please call 225-791-2912 or contact us online. You deserve to find the perfect fit with our 4 bedroom house plans. 

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